Argentinian/American indie singer/songwriter Crow comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the mesmerizing and surreal gem that is “Go”. With this track, she sets my senses on fire with powerful and haunting vocals that are housed by an exquisite blend of pop, rock, electronica and something unknown. She explores new frontiers and lets go of all that holds her back inviting us to do the same as the blend of sounds and visuals unfold. There’s something so refreshingly human, passionate and inspiring about the song as a whole that it immediately places itself among your favorites and becomes a track that you just have to share. So dive into her world with me and lets share on the magic of this must listen gem. Enjoy!

- Wolf in a Suit


“There is no doubt “Sol” will soon be a household name. Her breakthrough single, “Mystery”, is pushing the boundaries of what we would often recognize as Pop by taking influences from the genre, but originating a style of her own. It honors the elements of all of our favorite hits- like a catchy melody and seductive vocals- while still carrying a deep, relatable message through sultry details that make it hard to believe this is her musical debut. On the inspiration behind her work, Sol unveils, “There’s an enchanting, sometimes nostalgic spirit that I hope to capture in my music. I tell my story as a starry eyed romantic with the profundity of the deepest depths of the earth. I hope to take the smallest glimpse of a feeling or moment and amplify it to its all encapsulating potential.”

— Huffington Post